TTT(R) Bolik DOS
(C)Copyright TTT Corp 2002-2011
655360 bytes available to BOLIK-DOS
121212 bytes largest executable program size
       BOLIK-DOS resident in low memory area


Crew :

B/O/L/I/K is a french band based in Clermont-Ferrand.
Somewhere in the middle, surrounded by volcanoes, tires, cheeses, short films and rock'n roll.

François "Witold" Bolik is our charismatic leader, he writes songs, sings, and plays guitar, bass guitar, keyboard.

François "Frantz" Bolik enjoys screaming and dancing on stage, clapping with his hands, playing drums and MS10 keyboard.

François "Deray" Bolik is our guitar hero, that's all he can play. Never let him sing. Or kill him. Please.

Greg "Greg" Bolik is the tallest bolik, he plays the same instruments than Frantz, but dances a bit less.

You should have noticed that 3 out of 4 band members are named "François".
That's pretty funny, sometimes useful, and sometimes annoying. That's why we also use nicknames.

Instruments :

2 keyboards : MS10 keyboard is used as a bass and strange sounds generator. We plug it on a fender bass amp.
Casio keyboard is dedicated to our charismatic leader. Plugged in a DI.

3 guitars : One is played by Witold, plugged to a little Marshall amp.
The other guitar is played by our guitarist. It sounds with a Peavey amp.
The bass guitar is played by Witold during one or two songs. The tracklist will mention it. DI.

1 drums set : With a lot of funny stickers on it. Played alternatively by Greg and Frantz.

2 or 3 microphones : One lead mic. For the leader. One based in front of the MS10.
Sometimes another one for a special and nice guest.

The tech documents you'd need if they were up to date : Technical - Stage map

When playing on stage, we simply like hearing ourselves play. And the crowd screaming.
And the girls yelling our names.

We enjoy bottles, including water filled ones. A dinner would be a nice idea. We're not vegetarians.
No religious or medical restrictions, we enjoy food.

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